Its 1.46am, Ive spent the last two and a half hours watching youtube videos of my favourite vloggers. If you get a chance to read my other blogs you’ll know just how passionate I am about those guys and what they do, you’ll also know how much I aspire to start vlogging, you’ll also know that my family is planning on moving to Barcelona and you’ll also know that when we do, I plan on starting to vlog.

-Thats all bullshit

Ive convinced myself there is always a better time to start doing something Ive always thought of doing, slowly but surely pushing my dream back a date at a time. Ive also convinced myself that this move to Barcelona is going to be so fantastic and that its going to enable me to create great content and get this vlogging shit off the ground.

-Thats all bullshit.

Don’t ever put something you want to do back, start doing shit yesterday, never stop moving forward. Im not even going to buy a camera, Im’a use my phone cause I don’t have time to wait for shit.

The best time to do something you aspire to do, was a week ago.

No excuses. Get the fuck up, and do something.


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