I work as a digital and social media marketing executive, so naturally I am always thinking about how things can run better, if things are search engine friendly, how to optimise and increase engagement etc etc. But, that is so far from the reason I created this blog; I wanted to share stories, thoughts, feelings and my general life, with, well, anyone who cares to take the time to read it. Although, I cant help myself but think of work even in pleasure and I got to thinking, how can I create a blog with thousands of followers?! And in any form of marketing, the steps are unchanged and the execution is exactly the same. To know something works, it has to be repeatable. Read on for my guaranteed, repeatable, two steps to worldwide success.

That is an extract from a blog I’m writing on how to create a viral blog. No, its not bullshit. Its 100%. So why haven’t I got 89374970323 views on my blog? After all it has been live for about a week now.
Well the answer is;

I have.

I have hundreds of thousands of viewers.
They just haven’t found me yet, and more importantly.
I haven’t found them…

 full post will be up soon.



    1. Working in marketing I’ve found blogs insanely helpful! So much knowledge can be found in them, I’m so glad I’ve recently became part of the community! That post is without a doubt due to be the best I’ve written so far (or so I think)
      PR is such a good industry to work in, some of the PR guys Ive worked with are total geniuses! But I’m glad I can bring something to all the people that read some of the crazy shit I post, its such a satisfying feeling haha


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