Why you should be doing shit you enjoy

I am not talking about working or why you should be putting up that shelf that your significant other keeps asking you to put up. I’m talking about things that you love, a hobby or general interest. Many people put goals or targets on things that they love doing, and I’m not telling you what to do, but..


The reason you are doing stuff is cause you enjoy it, of course try and constantly better yourself and of course have dreams, but too many of us set out to do things we love to live, when we should live to do things we love. If you want to create a blog full of your favorite recipes then do it! But don’t create it with the intent that you want your blog to be the next big thing on the internet and you want to be able to quit your job and have something that your going to be able to depend your life on, if you do that, you are doing it wrong.

Do what you love, because you love it. If you have to work in a shithole cafe scrubbing pots where your boss is an arsehole so you can make money to go out and buy that camera you need for your photography, then do it. Live life to do the things you love, take any opportunity you get to do those things, most of all, don’t try do the things you love with the mindset that you want to depend on them. Do shit because you enjoy it, and the rest, will come.


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