About me

So I thought It would be easier to include an about me page rather than having to make people trek their way to my first post when my blog ends up densely populated, I’m a forward thinker.

Im also lazy, so instead of explaining why im here and who I am, Im copying and pasting my first blog post here. Maybe I’ll update it properly some time, although I probably wont. Anyway…

“So here goes the generic ‘who I am and why I’m here’ post where I chat about how much I like green tea and share my plans to save the world and what not. Bullshit. Lets make this as painless as possible.

My name is Leroy, I am a 19 year old grown up from the UK. Which obviously means I use tea bags when shower and swear a lot. I don’t sleep much, I live on energy drinks, my favourite colour is green and I have a pet dog (toy poodle, very manly, promise) called Daisy and a pet girlfriend called Rosie (hypnoticbeautyxo.wordpress.com), both of which I am quite fond of, although I do often wish Daisy was a unicorn.

I initially decided to start a blog to work alongside my websitewww.wanderlustemporium.co.uk; I am a digital media executive for work and the emporium is a site I plan on using to host a profile and a one-man studio from. I had plans to populate this blog with mindless industry-style news and content; Although, during a massive epiphany I decided to still let my blog work along side my small business but instead base it entirely around myself as an individual and my life (or lack of it really) and create varied and diverse content on things like new socks, my incredibly feminine doggy, clients and projects I am working on, maybe even the occasional nerdy marketing or SEO post. But overall, I have decided to use this blog on a more personal level in hope to achieve some of my dreams (cliche, you can unfollow me now, I understand) as I believe it will push me to get up, get out and do shit.

Let me explain – I have always wanted to blog and more than anything, vlog. I am a massive youtube advocate and my fave without a doubt is Ben Brown, his videos inspire me to do epic stuff, not worry and live for the little things. Even though that mindset sort of switches off about 10 seconds after the end of the vlog and I realise Im not Ben and I live in the real world. But I still hope to do more travelling and go through life with the philosophy that I am alive to live and i should enjoy every minute of what I do. At least thats the theory so far and at current I feel like its a good idea, I’ll probably change my mind. Plus I really enjoy filming and editing and I feel like this would be a good way to get to do that and create some cool content, happy days, everyone wins.

So thats who I am, what I am doing, and why! I also feel like blogging should diversify my vocabulary as every other word is basically swearwords, or sentence enhancers as I like to think of them as. Plus some days the supply of available curse words are totally insufficient to meet demands.

Anyway thank you for reading. Hopefully I am of some interest to the internawebs community, who knows I might even write some content that people enjoy reading! Or not, I dunno. Its 12.16am, maybe I’ll just go get another energy drink…”


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